Luxlabo accompanies anyone who has the deep desire to work on himself and offers an aid to : overcome blockages, accomplish liberations, develop new perspectives, encourage transformations, find a space for constructive exchange, take a moment to relax and connect to the deep being we all have in us.

In order to help you in the most suitable way, Luxlabo suggests a wide choice of approaches, which turn out to be different and complementary at the same time: juggling with these with to guarantee you a personalized accompaniment.

Come to discover :

  • The Classic Massage
  • The Sound Massage
  • The Coaching
  • The Bio-Magnetism
  • The Femininity energy treatments
  • Hypnosis

I will be glad to welcome you to give support at this stage of your life, during this transformation or this change.


Luxlabo is delighted to bring you a moment of light, relax, exchange, happiness and comfort through several personalized treatments :

  • classic massage
  • sound massage,
  • bio-magnetism session

Luxlabo waits for you at the cabinet or comes to meet you at home (your private dwelling, your retirement or foster home) according to your specific needs.


Happy to meet you soon!


Today Luxlabo helps companies, who believe the Human is their core element, to :

  • improve the quality of life at work and thus the concentration, the efficiency, the productivity of their employees
  • optimize everyone’s potential
  • decrease the absenteeism levels
  • prevent burn outs

Luxlabo knows that by looking after someone you get the best out of him!

We offer different kinds of interventions according to your specific needs :

  • Chair massage
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Case management
  • Team building workshops
Annalisa Piazza

My philosophy

Since 2013, I have been trained in several therapeutic disciplines, which currently allow me to work with a wide variety of tools: classic massage, sound massage, hypnosis, coaching, bio-magnetism, female energy treatments.

Today I associate these therapeutic skills with those acquired as a case manager and put them all at the disposal of the Human, in all its hats: the worker in the company, the parent, the partner, the athlete, the man, the woman.

My activity takes place both in my care practice in Geneva, as well as in the companies, the nursing homes, foster homes and private dwellings.

My techniques

My techniques for the Human

Classic massage, sound massage, hypnosis, coaching, bio-magnetism, female energy treatments, case management.


“To be received and to receive: that’s how I would sum up a session!

The welcoming is very pleasant, and the listening, sensitive and professional, is of a rare quality!

Receiving a massage from these exceptionally touching hands provides an effect that is both relaxing and enveloping, it is the sensation of a unified and vitalized body, it is subtle and effective, I have become a total fan! “

Stefania Giancane

An interior journey, through the hands of Annalisa, to the touch of listening and relaxation. An expressed talent allowing to live congruence in all his being. Professional and ethical, she embodies and contains the care she lavishes with subtlety and alertness.

With all my gratitude.



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