The philosophy

Organized, dynamic and outgoing, I devote myself to support the Human.

My mission consists in offering my skills and my time to help and guide him towards the discovery of his own resources, the resolution of his blockages and problems, in order to optimize his full potential, regain health and balance from all points of view.

Versatile and independent, at ease with communication and languages, I leave my country of origin, Italy, in 2007 at the age of 22 and live in several countries of the European Union as well as travel to many places all over the world.

In 2011 I arrive in Geneva by chance and work for 8 years as a case manager in the field of medical assistance abroad, in the management of emotional stress and emergency situations.

It was during this last experience that I discovered my passion for the Human; I therefore started my path in the field of therapies.

Annalisa Piazza

Since 2013, I have been trained in several therapeutic disciplines, which currently allow me to work with a wide variety of tools:

  • classic massage,
  • sound massage,
  • hypnosis,
  • coaching,
  • bio-magnetism,
  • female energy treatments.

Today I associate these therapeutic skills with those acquired as a case manager and put them all at the disposal of the Human, in all its hats:

  • the worker in the company,
  • the parent,
  • the partner,
  • the athlete,
  • the man,
  • the woman.

My activity takes place both in my care practice in Geneva, as well as in the companies, the nursing homes, foster homes and private dwellings.

The starting point of all this journey and this work is the light, that comes to warm, illuminate and relieve …

In the middle plenty of tools to allow this light to follow its trajectory …

I…the enthusiastic and lucky worker who lends his hand and his time for this work of light …


This is how ‘Luxlabo’ was born