Elders or disabled

Being a child who ‘arrived very late’, I have always been surrounded by the elders and comfortable with these so precious and benevolent holders of the authentic wisdom.

My heart is filled with great joy every time I have the opportunity to exchange with them: I feel a natural and deep affinity for these ‘experienced people’.

I have always been in contact with the universe of people with disabilities, too: so gifted and strong beings who so vibrant with generosity and humanity.

Luxlabo is delighted to bring you a moment of light, relax, exchange, happiness and comfort through: 

  • a contact, by listening and speaking,
  • a classic massage
  • a sound massage,
  • a bio-magnetism session

Luxlabo waits for you at the cabinet or comes to meet you at home (your private dwelling, your retirement or foster home) according to your specific needs.

Happy to meet you soon!