Work on and with your unconscious to access your inner resources and transform your life

We live in the sunlight that touches and nourishes us …

A part of us lives in a great silent space, under the waters of our inner ocean …

So, we are made of a Conscious and an Unconscious …

We are a harmonious play of shadow and light …

To master the shadowy universe of our depths leads us to master the light of our summits …

And thus to achieve …

the changes we desire,

lightness and fluidity

in the light of our life!


Through hypnosis we contact our ‘inner worker’ to unlock, adapt, transform

What is Ericksonian Hypnosis ?

The hypnotic state corresponds to a state of modified consciousness where we put our conscious mind at rest to work on our unconscious. our inner space full of codes, memories, patterns, ideas and information, but also of resources.

In this state our perceptions change and we are so much more open and receptive … it is the ideal condition to receive the suggestions of hypnosis which, by its symbolic language, its metaphors and repetition, allows us to decode the habits and patterns we wish to break free from … we activate our inner resources and start to create new paths, new possibilities for our lives!


How does it work ?

The location of our unconscious is the emotional brain which is made up of two parts: the reptilian brain (which manages our biology) and the limbic system (which manages our emotions).

The emotional brain makes no distinction between a real experience and a fictitious one induced by suggestion (visual, olfactory, aural, kinesthetic), since it is not endowed with an articulated thought capacity, as is the case with the neocortex.

We experience very strong emotions in front of the scenes of a dramatic movie… even if we know very well that it is about a fiction, our feelings are so real!

It is our empathy that, associated with our internal interpretation of the fictitious event, will directly activate the emotion (limbic brain). Thus, this emotion, will activate the reptilian brain which will translate it into a reaction (‘I cry in front of the scene of a movie’).

By hypnosis we thus solicit our emotional brain (unconscious) and live, by our 5 senses, real experiences.

This work allows us to reach the nest of our inner potential and, start abandoning certain emotions, reactions, behaviors and habits to create others, much more adapted and useful to us (neural paths).


Hypnosis is effective for

  • Pain
  • Harmful stress and regaining the adequate threshold for stimulating ‘good stress’
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Addictions (for example tobacco, food and emotional addictions etc.)
  • Bad habits we want to break free from
  • Phobias
  • Trauma
  • Sleep disorders
  • Self-confidence
  • Managing emotions
  • Concentration
  • Letting go
  • Learning
  • Mourning
  • Preparing for a surgery or childbirth

Is there a danger? What are the limits?

Crowned with a certain mystery, hypnosis wrongly evokes a kind of occult power of the one who uses it. Not true! While we are working on the unconscious, our conscious always takes care of our safety and prevents us from adhering to anything contrary to our values!