Femininity energy treatments

Reconnect to the center of our Sacred Femininity

Let’s explore and celebrate all the facets of our femininity: we are beautiful, powerful, creative, intelligent, worthy …

Magnificent flowers whatever our age, appearance and life experiences …

Let’s learn to cultivate the flower that we are… to radiate and tame the power of our light!

Through these treatments we will look at our femininity in all its dimensions. This femininity, which is so rich and sophisticated, so delicate and sensitive, rests at the bottom of our depths and sometimes needs to be contemplated, looked after and healed.

As the woman is like a wave living inside the lunar cycles, she elaborates her own personal perceptions of life.

In this way every woman builds her own operating system… from time to time it is essential to renew ourselves, to continuously adapt our structure to live and act harmoniously.

Each of us is directly connected to the ‘Mother Moon’: the cycles of the woman correspond to the lunar cycles.

If we are interested in the etymology of the word “menstruation”, we discover that it comes from the Latin “mensis” which means “month”, very close to the Greek word “mene”, the moon.

Indeed, the ancients had already detected this correspondence: the Incas, for example, called ‘Mama Quilla’ the goddess who embodied the moon and both the female cycle. In China, Taoist thought associates ‘Yin’ with the moon and also with the cycle of women.

Looking after our femininity helps us to rediscover our connection to the 13 lunar cycles, to their meaning and especially to the resources each phase of the cycle offers us!

To connect with our Divine Femininity means to envelop yourself in love and to blossom into life!


The womb blessing

The womb blessing is

an energetic treatment of our Sacred Femininity

which fills the center of our uterus ( womb)

by restoring its capacity to be in

phase with the cycle of life and the moon.

The womb blessing is an awakening that opens our eyes to the landscape of our feminine energy. It is a support to operate the transformations we wish and let go of our restrictive patterns, an aid in understanding our inner movements, an accompaniment during the happy and painful changes in our lives.

The blessing is lavished by a ‘Moon Mother’ (a woman initiated into the care of femineity by Ms. Miranda Gray) and can be given individually or in groups as needed.

Each womb blessing increases our vibration and brings powerful healing to our femininity on a the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

A wonderful path for the young girl, a magical path for the mature and menopaused woman»

Miranda Gray

Five times a year there is also the possibility of receiving a ‘World Womb Blessing : by registering on the site https://wombblessing.com/ ( World Womb Blessing® site ) you can join many other women from all over the world and receive the gift of the blessing remotely and free of charge!