‘Temma’ Technique

Energy treatments and micro joint manipulations

inWe live in a world of energy …

Since our earliest childhood, we cumulate all sorts of information, tensions, memories in our bodies, which prevent us from living according to our real desires and needs. …

Energy treatments, by a deep cleaning of the energetic channels, help to to overcome everyday difficulties on our paths and to reestablish harmony and balance from a physical, emotional, psychic point of view


The Temma bio-magnetism technique allows to :

Adjust and harmonize the circulation of energies in the body  

  • Restore connections where necessary in order to re-optimize the body’s energy flow …
  • Maintain of the physical, mental and psychological well-being
  • Help sportsmen with recovery and harmonization

Relieve pain

  • Relieve and dissolve the tensions and the energetic toxins of the body
  • Help with the elimination of muscle, joint and back pain, headaches, visceral tensions and accelerates the healing of injuries

Strengthen our defense mechanisms

  • Our physical and psychological protection systems are of paramount importance: we learn to put in place valuable tools to improve and renew these systems.

Improve the way we manage our emotions

  • Develop the ability to take a step back from difficult events, our past, the disruptions of our personal and professional lives …
  • Learn to calm our anxieties
  • Gradually dissolve our inner blockages
  • Keep a ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’


  • From our conception, we bathe in the ‘ocean of life’, where the winds which blow constantly, bring all kinds of particles into our living spaces, from a physical, psychic and social point of view …
  • The fact of living in such an environment, requires a constant self-cleansing: we talk about ‘energy detoxification’.

Free cellular memories

  • Our origins and our ancestral heritage still live within us …
  • All these memories manifest themselves in the form of blockages, of recurring events or behavioral patterns
  • We can learn to thank them and let them go to finally realize our own existence and our own projects